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Rothko in Rice

Mark Rothko’s defaced painting inspired photography Henry Hargreaves (previously on Neatorama) to recreate the artist’s famous artwork. Hargreaves told us that after hearing the story, he found that Rothko [...]

McDonalds in a Mansion

This is a McDonalds outlet in New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York. McDonalds didn’t set out to make one of their restaurants this beautiful. The Georgian mansion called The Denton House is over 200 years old -or at least parts of it are. It’s been passed around and used as everything from a restaurant [...]

A Wacky Bunch Hard At Work In The Kitchen During Mardi Gras

Would you still eat at a restaurant that had a kitchen staff like the madcap bunch in this picture? Well, if you were looking for a bite to eat during Mardi Gras in Munich, Germany around 1933 you might not have had much of a choice in the matter! Looking for more enjoyable pictures of people playing [...]

Lobster is Cheap, Except in Restaurants

Fishermen are hauling in a bumper crop of lobsters this year. The harvest started early and remains big. Wholesale prices are way down right now. It’s clear that if you walk into a fish store that the price of live lobsters has indeed fallen sharply. But at the restaurants and seafood shacks that dot the coast, [...]

World’s Largest Coffin Is Actually a Restaurant Run by Undertakers

The food at this restaurant won’t kill you, but the ambiance will remind you of your own mortality. Allegedly, this is a picture of a huge coffin in Truskavets, Ukraine. Local undertakers built it to serve as a death-themed restaurant: Single candles light the intimate tables, where patrons can order morbid dishes with ominous, vague names [...]

The Late Movies: A Sushi’s-Eye View

Kaiten-zushi is better known in the US as “conveyer-belt sushi” or a “sushi train.” Sushi is placed on small plates, and the plates on a conveyer belt that runs around the restaurant. Patrons sit at a bar or in booths along the belt’s path, picking off plates as they go by. Plates [...]

Restaurant Simulates Luxury Jetliner

(Video Link) This popular restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan is designed to resemble the first class cabin of an Airbus A380. The seats look like those you’d find on a jetliner and the waitresses are dressed like stewardesses. It’s a fascinating story, but the report leaves a few questions unasked and unanswered: Does it include a full [...]

El Diablo’s Vulcan Dining

El Diablo Restaurant on the Spanish island of Lanzarote has a distinctly unique way of cooking food -over the heat of a volcano! The restaurant was built over a volcanic heat vent, which is used as a grill. Building a restaurant on top of a massive heat source is not the easiest task. Architects Eduardo Caceres [...]

New York Restaurant The Waiters Are Sword-Wielding NINJAS

A Japanese Ninja Restaurant in Tribeca, New York, is impressing diners with kung fu fire tricks, dangling sword-carrying waiters and even exploding food. Signature dishes on the menu include chopped conch in garlic-butter sauce which explodes in flames after its fuse is lit. There’s also the ‘meteorite pot’ – a clam and soy soup which is cooked [...]

Frog and Dragonfly in Slow Motion

(Video Link) The prices at this restaurant are cheap, but you have to catch your own food. Andrew Mountcastle captured this footage of a dragonfly narrowly escaping a hungry frog. Photographer’s Website – via Super Punch