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What’s in a School Hamburger?

(NPR link) There are a lot of things in there besides beef. But once they are explained, it makes sense to me. The water and soy flour are fillers that stretch the meat and makes it affordable. But they stretch it so far that all that other stuff needs to go in to make it resemble [...]


(YouTube link) This little short film appears to be a teaser for a longer story by effects designer Aaron Sims. If he is trying to raise interest in getting a studio to fund a feature film, this is the way to do it. Wouldn’t you like to see the rest of the story? Link -via Geeks [...]

A Wedding in a Hospital

Stories about weddings conducted in hospitals are not rare; typically, however, they involve terminally ill patients. This one is different because the bride is a pediatric neurosurgeon who wanted to include her patients in the ceremony. At the reception near the tiny hospital chapel where the vows were spoken, the couple greeted small patients, some hitched [...]

The Final Journey Home

Larry Marten wanted to build a coffin for his father as one last gift. Making the finely-crafted coffin, complete with parts saved from his father’s life, was easy compared to negotiating the bureaucracy involved in burying the dead. He was required to get a permit from the county to transport his father. The woman at the [...]

"The Dog Was Discovered When She Fell Out of the Sky"

YouTube link. Sadie is a Pomeranian who ran away from her home in Iowa after being frightened by fireworks. “Sadie was swooped up by an owl in the woods,” the AP reports. The dog was discovered when she fell out of the sky, landing in the middle of the road in front of a surprised driver, Jamie [...]