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Did Poles break the Nazi Enigma code?

Poland are to pass a resolution acknowledging three Poles as the first to break the Engima code. Up until now it had been British code breakers attrib…

Virtual Nanoscopy: The Ridiculously Zoomable Cell

Color us impressed! A team of researchers from Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands created a method to ultrastructurally map regions of cells at nanometer resolution, which they called "virtual nanoscopy": Our approach employs standard transmission electron microscopy, rapid [...]

This Is a Mosaic Made from 221,184 Sprinkles

Amazing! It may look like a low resolution photograph, but the original image is composed of more than two hundred thousand nonpareils in six different colors. It took Joel Brochu eight months of work with jewelry tweezers. They’re attached to a board with double sided tape and glue. Link -via Dude Craft

8-Bit High Fashion

Designer Kunihiko Morinaga is taking the resolution down a notch or two, all the way down to the pixel level. In his collection called Low (low resolution, that is), you’ll find dresses, jackets, sportswear, hosiery, shoes, and accessories all rendered in what appears to be 8-bit patterns. Where would you wear these pixelated pumps? See [...]

New Year’s Resolution Generator

Too lazy to come up with New Year’s resolutions, let alone keep them? This web tool by graphic designer Monica Verlarde will take away all of that hard work and provide you with a resolution — often a very simple one. Do you have a New Year’s resolution? What is it? Share in the comments. Link via [...]

Your New (School) Year’s Resolution

I don’t remember if I made a New Year’s resolution back in January, but if I did I certainly haven’t kept it—my abs remain, shall we say, ill-defined, I have 32,170 messages in my inbox waiting to be filed, and I’ve still never been to Portland. Rather than wait four months to make another meaningless [...]