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How to Make a Breadcrab

Bruk bakes amazing things, most especially breadcrabs. And if you think this one is impressive, you should see the one that’s built with a dip reservoir in the middle. Link and Recipe -via Geekosystem

Is This The Geekiest Wedding Ever?

What do you get when you combine Star Wars, zombies, Reservoir Dogs and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia? You get the awesome photos from Deyanna and Dustin’s geektastically amazing wedding. If the pictures aren’t enough to sell you on this wedding, consider this: the maid of honor and best man did a reading from Calvin [...]

Quentin Tarantino’s ThunderCats

Andy Hunter hints at it in his poster inspired by one for Reservoir Dogs, but let me say it plainly: Panthro is Mr. Orange. He can’t be trusted. Link -via The Uniblog | Artist’s Website

Massive reservoir of water found in space

Two teams of astronomers have located an immense reservoir of water in the far reaches of the universe. The water is situated near a quasar over 30 bi…

Jupiter’s moon Io has subsurface lava ocean

Io has a massive global reservoir of molten lava 30 miles deep powering its fierce and active volcanism. “Now we know where all of that lava is coming…