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What is the best thing to ask a ghost ?

Paranormal researcher Matt Schulz believes that simple questions are likely to get the best responses. Schulz offered his advice during a midnight exp…

Kitty Cam Reveals Cat’s Secret World of Slaughter

The world of free-roaming house cat has been a mystery to humans until University of Georgia researcher Kerrie Anne Loyd outfitted cats with "kitty cams." She found out that behind the cute meows lie a [...]

Why Dog Loves to Chew Bones

Why do dogs love to chew bones? Because they’ve got the jaws to do it, a new research studies confirmed. Joao Munoz-Doran of the National University of Colombia explains: "And after many generations of this [...]

Impossible crystals are ‘from space’

Quasicrystals were thought impossible to occur naturally until geologists came across some in Russia. Israeli researcher Daniel Schechtman first descr…

Blue Jeans: Three Months, No Washing

How long can you wear the same pair of jeans without washing them? The most common answer you hear is “one semester.” An Australian researcher (and college student) put the question to the test by asking volunteers to wear a pair of jeans five days a week for three months straight. Melbourne researcher Tullia Jack recruited [...]

Meat Calms People Down

Frank Kachanoff, a psychology researcher at McGill University (Canada), conducted an experiment on the emotional responses of people to images of meat. He discovered a positive correlation between meat encounters and a calmer disposition: Kachanoff recruited 82 men and asked them to punish an aide with various volumes of sound each time he made an error [...]

Pyramid building secrets unlocked

A Norwegian University researcher believes he has unlocked the key to the pyramids’ construction. For years experts have tried to figure out how the p…

Vatican researcher in Turin Shroud claim

The ever present debate over the authenticity of the Turin Shroud has been rekindled after a Vatican researcher has claimed that faint writing pre…