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The Story of the Three Bears

(YouTube link) This is why dumpsters should have a lid that stays closed when not in use. Mama Bear stayed by the dumpster all night. Rescue came in the morning in the form of a truck of brave rescuers and a ladder. This happened in Ruidoso, New Mexico. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

GPS Ski Goggles

They won’t teach you how to ski, but these GPS ski goggles will do just about anything else! Measure your speed, direction, latitude and longitude, altitude, number of runs, current temperature, and distance. The data is displayed on a 2″ LCD screen inside the goggles. And -dare we say it- if you are injured or [...]

Chilean Miner Rescue Flash Game

Thankfully the Chilean Miners and Rescuers are safely out of the mine and recovering from their amazing ordeal. At Geekosystem they have found a neat flash game that allows you to play a small part in history: This is genius. (Although you probably won’t finish it.) Chilean tech and design firm Root33 has made a playable [...]

Man survives plunge off 200ft cliff

In a miraculous escape this week a man survived driving his car off a 200ft high cliff in North Devon, when rescuers arrived he was both alive and…