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Blackrock Billie

(YouTube link) A rescue crew spent three hours trying to help a goat down from the cliff at Cornholme Craggs. From the YouTube page: It was Thursday 4th October 2012 and Billy had been stuck on his ledge for four days. Thank goodness for Calder Valley Search and Rescue, who came and saved the day! And bystanders got [...]

Firemen rescue cow stuck in a tree

Fire-fighters spent over four hours engaged in a particularly unusual rescue operation. The cow, a calf called ‘Sparkle’, had managed to get itself in…

Did a Sputnik really crash in Scotland ?

Details have emerged of a mountain rescue team that came across alleged Sputnik debris in 1962. Sputnik was the name given to a series of satellites l…

The Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association

The Canadian Avalanche Rescue Cat Association (CARCA) is the brainchild of Steve Ruskay, whose vision of a unit of trained rescue cats met with initial enthusiasm and then ridicule. From the website: We are a small group of volunteers dedicated to the training and use of domestic cats in emergency avalanche rescue procedures. We feel that with [...]

UFOs filmed over Scotland

A Scottish Mountain Rescue team filmed two strange lights zooming through thick fog in Scotland. A video camera mounted to their vehicle’s dashboard p…

Help Cold Chickens Cover Up

The Little Hen Rescue is a chicken rescue group in Norfolk, England. Because many of their chicks are missing feathers and get cold in the winter months, the group uses jumpers to help keep the birds nice and warm. You can help by knitting an adorable jumper and sending it to the group or by [...]

‘Futuristic Circular Flying Object’ developed

A radio-controlled flying sphere has been created in Japan to assist in search and rescue operations. Fitted with a camera and able to travel at up to…

On the Bluff, in the Buff

Rescue workers banded together on Tuesday to retrieve a naked woman from the side of a cliff in the San Diego area. The woman was apparently trying to reach Black’s Beach, a traditionally clothing-optional beach below the cliff at Torrey Pines State Park. San Diego Fire and Rescue Department spokesman Maurice Luque told the story. It [...]

The 411 on Rescue 911

“This program contains true stories of rescues. All of the 9-1-1 calls you will hear are real. Whenever possible, the actual people involved have helped us reconstruct the events as they happened.” If you recognize that disclaimer, you’re one of the millions who tuned in on Tuesday nights for Rescue 911. While it’s been off the air for [...]

Firemen Rescue Flushed Kitten

Three-year-old Alannah Merleto of Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, Australia flushes a lot of things down the toilet, as some children do, but her two-day-old kitten was the worst thing she could flush. Mum Ammie Croft called in the cavalry to her Baulkham Hills home after not being able to find the fourth kitten in a [...]