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The Most Amazing Juggler in the World Needs Only One Ball

(Video Link) Halfway through this performance, Mister Babache picks up a second ball. But that’s only after wowing you with just one. Is this really just CGI? If this performer didn’t already have a top reputation for his work, I’d think so. -via Marginal Revolution

Fine Art in The Simpsons

The Simpsons has a reputation for clever, subtle references. It occasionally mentions or imitates famous works of art. After twenty-three seasons, that “occasionally” builds up to a lot, and the author of Simpsons Park has compiled a huge list of dozens of works of art that the writers worked into the show. Pictured above is [...]

The Nanny Dog

Only recently have pit bulls gained a reputation for being dangerous dogs, mainly due to their popularity among those who breed and train dogs to be overly aggressive -or to just look scary. For generations, the breed was known as “The Nanny Dog.” See a collection of children’s pictures taken with their beloved and loyal [...]

"Unluckiest man" struck by lightning

John Wade Agan is gaining a reputation for misfortune after being struck by lightning in his own home. Within the last four years Agan has been at the…

Suffolk man in UFO mystery

Suffolk’s reputation as a UFO hot spot in the UK has been renewed this week after a former US airman spotted a strange red light moving across the…