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Man Finds His Car for Sale on eBay 42 Years after It Was Stolen

In 1970, Bob Russell’s ’67 Austin Healey 3000 disappeared after a date with the woman he’d eventually marry. But he never gave up on her and kept searching for the beauty for 42 years. Suspecting that the rare collectible car would be sold multiple times, he scoured online auctions for it. Finally, one morning, he [...]

Tea Time Links: Pampering the Stressed-Out Kindergarten Set

The Complex Mathematical Calculations Behind Matchmaking Websites Are Less Than Perfect Scientific American took up the cause of finding what goes wrong when people are matched up. * That Old Write-a-Book-and-Bury-it-for-Discovery-by-a-Mogul Ploy Is the Oldest Trick in the Book Kathy Hepinstall wrote a book that she wants Oprah to read. So she buried it on a mountain and took [...]

A World-Class Joke

You may have read the story about the Chinese re-release of the movie Titanic. The nude scene was cut from the 3D version because of fears that Chinese men would reach out and try to grab Kate Winslet’s, um, assets. James Cameron even talked about it on TV. But there was one part of the [...]

Police Handcuffed Kindergartener for Throwing a Tantrum

When a 6-year-old girl in kindergarten got rowdy, the school principal called the cops, who came and handcuffed the child: According to the police report, kindergartner Salecia Johnson is accused of tearing items [...]

Mexican police chase UFO

A report from Mexico has described how police officers had been called out following a UFO sighting. The object was described as a ‘device’ with white…

Skinhead Decides to Attack Black Man Wearing a "Spokane Boxing Club Champion" T-Shirt

It would prove to be an unwise decision. The encounter began when the suspect informed the boxer that gentlemen of his race were not welcome in a particular bar: Kootenai County Sheriff’s Department officials said at the time of Abbey’s arrest that he threatened to stab Baker. Baker, of Spokane Valley, left the bar to avoid a [...]

Taekwondo Finger Puppet

(YouTube link) This Korean report follows a hand that has all the moves. I don’t understand Korean, but the comments at YouTube indicate the puppeteer is a high school girl. Watch this little fighter try to split a board! -via Buzzfeed

Hospital Tells Man That His Abdominal Pain Is Due to a Hysterectomy

Although he wouldn’t be the first man to have the procedure, Les Kennington of New Zealand (pictured) protested to nurses that the pain that he was experiencing could not possibly be due to the past removal of his uterus: After going in for the CT scan, Mr Kennington said he received the results of his report [...]

Life on Mars may have lived underground

A new NASA report suggests life on Mars may have been most likely to be found underground. “The most stable Mars habitats over long durations appear t…

Study Proved that Gen X Aren’t Slackers

Generation X, the much maligned "slackers" born of the baby boomers, turned out not to be angst-ridden lazy bums after all. In fact, according to the Longitudinal Study of American Youth at the University of Michigan, they’re actually hard working, active, [...]