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The Missing Links: It’s Oz-Inspiring

This Looks Oz-Some I’m sorry for the puns, but it does. * If I Didn’t Know Any Better I’d Say They Didn’t Like It The New York Times reviewed Guy Fieri’s new NYC restaurant and their thoughts are scathing at best, but very entertaining. * Alone Star State Is Texas secession actually possible? * Burning Down Buckingham Palace Sure it [...]

A Homemade ED-E Replica

Geekologie reader Will Brown made this incredible replica of ED-E from Fallout: New Vegas. He photographed the steps so crafters might even be able to make their own at home. Link


Artist Jeremy Deller built a full-size replica of Stonehenge. It’s an inflatable bouncy structure! The work is called “Sacrilege,” and it’s part of the London 2012 Festival, which is a cultural adjunct to the Olympics running through September 9th. “Sacrilege” will tour 25 location around the UK. Link -via Metafilter

LEGO Battle of Helms Deep

This unbelievably detailed replica of the Battle of Helm’s Deep was created by Daniel Z was created for a department store display in Oslo, Norway. I don’t know about you guys, bit I would sure as heck shop at a store that prominently displayed something this delightfully geeky. Link Via Geekosystem

Dutchman builds full-size ark replica

A carpenter has spent three years and over one million pounds building a full size replica of Noah’s Ark. Johan Huibers undertook the mammoth project …

Awesome Full Sized Final Fantasy VIII Replica Gunblade

This is one beautiful cosplay accessory-a replica Gunblade from the video game Final Fantasy VIII that doesn’t look like a cardboard blade covered in gobs of paint. The guy who built this screen worthy replica made it for a college course in prop making, using MDF, balsa wood an a Pringles can to get the job [...]

Coast Guard Discovers Body, Which Turns Out To Be E.T.

The Coast Guard received a distress call about a body spotted floating off the coast of Old Portsmouth, Hants, and when they arrived they found that it was a creature from another planet! What they had actually discovered was a life-sized replica of everybody’s favorite turtle-esque alien E.T., which had been stolen from the home of [...]

Model movie alien washes up on beach

The coastguard were alerted when a lifesize replica of ET was sighted in the sea off the English coast. A startled walker dialled 999 after coming acr…

The Most Surreal Insect on Earth

This photo shows a replica of Bocydium globulare, the Brazilian Treehopper. It’s a real insect -scout’s honor! See more pictures of this treehopper and other bizarre bugs at Dark Roasted Blend. Link (Image credit: Alfred Keller for Berlin’s Naturkundemuseum)

TARDIC: Time And Relative Dimension In Cats

This is not only an awesome TARDIS replica, it’s also one of the geekiest kitty playhouses you’ll ever see. And I’m sure that as far as kittens are concerned, it’s far bigger on the inside than on the outside. Link