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The Missing Links: Soda Packs a Punch

Whatever Happened to Predictability? Allow two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks to fill you in. And, after you’ve seen the video, ponder what exactly this means. * Soda Pop You Right In the Mouth A new study has linked soda to “aggressive or violent behavior” in young consumers. * Speaking of Soda That Hits You In the Face… There [...]

If You Happen to Be Shopping Today Near Chesterland, Ohio…

Just a reminder: there is a mental_floss retail store! It’s in Chesterland, Ohio. Toby, Melanie, Dana, Amy, office dog Leo and the rest of the gang would love to meet you. Here’s the address: 8051 Mayfield Road. Chesterland, OH 44026 Tell them that guy from the website sent you!

Neatoramanauts Are Community

Just a friendly reminder that we’re having a lot of fun over on our Twitter and Facebook pages. So follow @neatorama and Fan! There you’ll find all kinds of neato things we don’t always feature here on the blog, like special contests! Oh, and if that wasn’t reason enough to, how about this: Pee Wee Herman [...]

Woman Gets Full-Back Twilight Tattoo

After Cathy Ward, 49, lost 70 pounds and dropped 14 dress sizes in six months, she decided to get a permanent reminder of the her inspiration: the Twilight series of books and movies. Ward spent 22 hours and $3000 to tattoo her favorite characters on her back. But the supermarket worker from Reading, England isn’t [...]

Close Call For Mountain Climbers

(YouTube Link) (NSFW language) Here’s a reminder that you can never be too careful when trying to climb mountainsides, and proper gear/training is a must. ”I think we should turn off the camera.” Indeed.

Our Maxim-Approved Twitter Feed

It’s time for our semi-regular reminder of our Twitter account’s existence. Earlier this week, Maxim Magazine named us in their list of 100 Twitter Feeds Every Guy Should Follow. Any time we’re mentioned in the same breath as Wired, Bob Vila and Borat, I’m honored.

Amazing Facts, 140 Characters at a Time

It’s time for the weekly reminder of our Twitter account’s existence. Amazing Facts, plus occasional insight into the casting of Intel commercials.