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Swedish couple marry in Klingon ceremony

Two die hard Star Trek fans have cemented their relationship in Britain’s first ever Klingon wedding. Josefin Sockertopp and Sonnie Gustavsson turned …

Pop Culture May Hurt Romance

Do you believe in romantic love like in the movies? If so, you may be hurting your real relationship: In the study, 392 married individuals were surveyed about their relationship satisfaction, expectations and commitment, as well as their belief in television portrayals of romantic relationships and viewing frequency. [...] The participants who had higher belief in TV [...]

Fight Club: A Love Story

(YouTube link) The right music and some clever editing can make a movie something else completely. In this case, Fight Club becomes a tale of a dysfunctional relationship. Or rather, a different kind of dysfunctional relationship than the 1999 film intended. Link -via mental_floss

At The Pet Groomers When…WTF?!

This cat has a serious love-hate relationship with his owners. One minute they’re petting his belly and feeding him cans of Fancy Feast and the next they’re shaving his fur to make him look like a mock Stegosaurus. Clearly he had someone take this photo for him as a cry for help, so it should be [...]

Heartbreaking Song Says Goodbye to Nachos

(Video Link) Sometimes it feels so right. But you know that she’s bad for you, man. You know that this relationship isn’t healthy. It’s time to break up…with nachos. It wasn’t an easy decision, but Jumoke Hill has done the right thing. -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Cat Opening a Box

(YouTube link) This cat may not have opposable thumbs, but he knows someone who does! As one commenter said, you know who wears the pants in this relationship. -via reddit

Shark Ride

Enal lives in a stilted house in Wangi, Indonesia. His friend lives in a penned off area of the sea. Although this is a remarkable scene for us, it might not be for Enal’s people, the Bajau Laut. These Malay marine nomads have a symbiotic relationship with the ocean which photographer James Morgan explored. He [...]

Bicycle Drawing Machine

Melbourne artist, Joseph L. Griffiths, creates pedal powered drawing machines. His interactive installations explore man’s relationship with machines and involve the audience in the creative cycle. What a great way to create art and lose weight at the same time! Link – Via Swiss Miss

Nutrition Facts Labels for Songs

Before you download the next pop hit from iTunes, check whether it is hazardous to your health. A teen panel working with the Boston Public Health Commission has set up a “nutrition facts label” rating (like that seen on food items) for songs: “Music, like food, can feed our brains and give us energy,” said Casey [...]

10 More Truly Bizarre Relationships

We have previously published a list of the ten most bizarre relationships which was so popular that we simply couldn’t say no to another. In putting together this list it became apparent that some of the items were less bizarre than they were revolting; nevertheless they all still fall under the bizarre category. Also, be [...]