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Scotland’s first gold mine could open soon

Scotland could be sitting on a gold mine – literally – and plans are in the works to extract the gold. After an initial rejection, ScotGold has applie…

10 Best-Selling Books That Were Originally Rejected

Aspiring writers know how it is -those rejection slips just keep piling up. It can be discouraging. But that doesn’t necessarily mean your book is bad. Some of the biggest selling books ever were published only after a string of rejections. Even Anne Frank’s diary was rejected -sixteen times! These days, Anne Frank has one of [...]

Taking the Plunge

(YouTube link) Josh proposed to Brook and took the idea of a “leap of faith” to a ridiculous level! I don’t think her “No way!” is a rejection; I think she was only shocked and probably trying to lower her blood pressure. -via I Am Bored

The Hero in the Picture

James Zwerg was a Freedom Rider who went to Montgomery, Alabama in 1961. As soon as he stepped off the bus, a mob grabbed him and beat him to a pulp. A photograph taken of Zwerg in the hospital was published nationwide and around the world, bringing awareness of what was happening in the American [...]

Baby’s Laugh Makes Dealing With Rejection Easier

What’s the best way to deal with a rejection letter? Crumple it up and throw it in the trash? No, that’s too pedestrian. What you really need to do is tear it into tiny pieces all while making your baby laugh hysterically. McArthur says he’s finishing up his doctorate at SLU and applying for professor jobs. [...]

Manuscript Rejection Notice from 1920s-Era Movie Studio

The Essanay Film Manufacturing Company was in business from 1907-1925. It was noted for a series of silent Charlie Chaplin films. Pictured above is a manuscript rejection notice, presumably mailed to writers who contacted the company. In the comments, make suggestions for disqualifiers that you would like to see on a modern version of this document. Link [...]