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The Late Movies: Songs About Eagles Coach Andy Reid Getting Fired

I’ve mentioned several times that I’m from Philadelphia and while I’m not a big football fan, it’s awfully hard to miss the most talked-about story of the season: How awful the Eagles have been. For months, the city has been speculating that Coach Andy Reid would be out after 14 years heading the team without [...]

The Insidious Cost of Ringtone Piracy

I’ve covered the brouhaha over laws like SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA. But in this five-minute TED Talk, Rob Reid brilliantly explains what I had been missing all along: Copyright Math™. By going through a series of claims by entertainment industry shills Copyright Mathematicians™, Reid reveals the shockingly absurd “truth” about media piracy: [...]

You Can Help Name A Red Panda

Did you ever wish you could play a part in naming an adorable zoo animal? If so, head on over to the Binder Park Zoo website, donate one dollar towards the zoo’s species survival program and vote on your favorite name for this adorable little red panda. The choices and their translations are: Dagan, meaning grain [...]

Members of Congress Spent 27% of Their Time Taunting Each Other

Debates are part of a healthy democracy but why does it seem like Congress has so much trouble working out a deal over the budget? (Or anything else for that matter) Harvard professor Gary King decided to take a look at how members of Congress communicate with each other and found something surprising: they spent 27% [...]

Dog Understands 1,022 Words

John Pilley and Alliston Reid, researchers at Wofford College in the UK, wanted to know how large a dog’s vocabulary could get with extensive training. After three years of work, they stopped teaching one border collie who developed a thousand-word vocabulary: The authors demonstrated that their dog, Chaser, learned the names of 1,022 objects — no [...]

10 Facts About The Ten

In 1897, ten painters seceded from the Society of American Artists in protest of the group’s increasing focus on “too much business and too little art.” These 10 artists signed a charter for their own new group, agreeing to hold an annual exhibition, for each person to exhibit at every annual show, and to only [...]