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The mental_floss Guide to the NCAA Tournament: The South

We’re going region by region, giving you one fun fact about each team in the tournament. (1) Kentucky Kentucky got its royal blue team color from a piece of clothing. In 1891 the school needed a set of team colors before a football game against in-state rival Centre College. After some debate, the students settled on [...]

Twisted trees are possible Bigfoot evidence

Strange twisted trees found in Siberia’s Kemerovo region are being hailed as evidence of Bigfoot. An international team of experts who recently embark…

Giant Prehistoric Amoeba the Size of Your Hand

Photo credit: Lisa Levin & David Checkley Dinosaur movies have taught us that things were a lot larger back in prehistoric times, but this is ridiculous! Scientists at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography have [...]

8 Candidates for the Next New Nation

On Saturday, South Sudan declared its independence, becoming the brand-spanking newest nation in the world. While peace and prosperity is still a good way off for this newborn, Texas-sized country—ethnic tensions are high, the economy is in shambles, and a half-dozen rebel groups have already vowed to take down the new government—the South Sudanese people [...]

Pop Culture Caganers

In the Catalan region of Spain, it is customary to include a “caganer”, or defecating figure somewhere in your Christmas nativity scene -far away from the manger. Caganers come in all styles, including pop culture figures like super heroes and movie characters, as you’ll see in this gallery from a Spanish blog. Link -Thanks, Dani! Link [...]

Top 10 Most Woman Drinks in the World

10. Michelob Ultra Michelob is a brand of beers produced by the Anheuser-Busch brewery. The first beer in the range is a 5% abv pale lager developed by Adolphus Busch in 1896 as a “draught beer for connoisseurs”. Woman Says “I care about burning calories, but I still like to party.” The Ultra-ultra-chick magnet, Michelob Ultra can [...]

Masatrigo Hill Nature’s Perfect Cone

Ok, so maybe it’s not exactly perfect, but Masatrigo Hill, or Cerro Masatrigo is as close as you can get to finding a natural cone-shaped landmark. Cerro Masatrigo, or Masatrigo Hill, is a cone-shaped hill located in Badajoz province (Extremadura autonomous community) in western Spain. Geographically Masatrigo Hill also lies in the territory of La Siberia [...]

Lena’s Stone Forest

Photo: A. Butorin Not only is this park in the Siberian-Yakutsk region an extremely beautiful sight, but is also regarded as a historically significant area in Earth’s development. The massive tree-like pillars draw tourists and paleontologists regularly, but getting there isn’t easy. Many spend a lot just to get there and to take a look. This place [...]