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Toastie Knife

(YouTube link) Okay, all together now …slap ourselves in the face and say, “Why did I think of that?” The world has been waiting for a heated knife to spread butter or margarine straight from the refrigerator! -via Buzzfeed

Cat Walks Down Side of Refrigerator Like a Boss

(Video Link) Gravity is for losers and humans. Piggy that cat ignores it as she casually walks down the side of a refrigerator. -via Gizmodo

How To Draw A Cartoon R2D2

Happy Star Wars Day! As a Star Wars Day gift, Mark Anderson of Andertoons gives you a quick tutorial on how to draw R2D2. Leave one on your refrigerator for the holiday, or decorate a note to someone and say “May the fourth be with you!” Link -Thanks, Mark!

5 Horror Movies Starring Inanimate Objects

The soul of a horror movie lies in the strength of the monster. Freddy Krueger, Hannibal Lecter—these icons endure because they got under our skin and stayed there long after the lights went up. But what happens when your movie monster has no soul? What if it can’t talk, move, growl, bear teeth or intimidate [...]

Hidden Treasure

(YouTube link) Simon’s Cat retrieves a toy from under the refrigerator. I have a cat that does exactly this. -via The Daily What


(vimeo link) This stop-motion film by Dave Green shows what happens when the refrigerator thermostat malfunctions. It’s a horror story. -via The Daily What

Fire Department Removes Stray Dog from Refrigerator

A family in Yuma, Arizona, called the Humane Society about a stray dog in their refrigerator. But they got a faster response from the local fire department. Yuma Fire Department spokesman Mike Erfert said the terrier-type dog was on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator and wouldn’t let anyone near. Erfert said the apartment’s residents told [...]

Scientist Finger Pupppets and Magnets

Adorn your refrigerator with these cute scientist finger puppets and magnets ($5.95) from the NeatoShop … or we’ll just have to ask Nikola Tesla (shown above) to experiment on his death ray with you! Link