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Puppy Precinct

What? That is not a real puppy. That’s too small to be a real puppy. Reference here (0:20 mark). Maybe before you get to be a K-9 unit you have to be a Puppy-Unit. Can you imagine what the training is like? Killer kill! Yo, Killer kill! He stops criminals with his cuteness alone, I [...]

12 Wonderful Water Castles

Europe is full of beautiful castles that have been there for possibly hundreds of years, but never get the press that others receive -like those that Disney uses for reference. The World Geography looks at some gorgeous castles that are surrounded by water. What was once a defense tactic is now a pleasant feature that [...]

Anatomy of CGI: A Scene from “Tangled”

Ever wonder how computer-animated films are made? It’s a laborious process, involving “previsualization” (a form of pseudo-animated storyboarding), “layout” (rough positioning of 3D models), reference modeling (in which an actor moves around as the characters will, as a reference for animators), and various additional passes through the material to arrive at a realistic-looking animated [...]

Digital Content Curation

You may or may not already know that Neatorama author John Farrier is also a librarian. The two jobs aren’t as different as you may think! He wrote about the process of “content curation” in an essay on the skills librarians need and develop in the digital information age. For Neatorama, John sifts through an [...]

So, You Summoned Me?

This drawing by Aaron McConnell amused me, even though I didn’t understand the meaning. Then I learned that it is a reference to a 1988 album cover by Leonard Cohen. How do the two connect? McConnell explains at the link. Link -via The Uniblog

Second Mayan 2012 reference found

Mexico has acknowledged that more than one reference to 2012 has been found on Mayan artifacts. While Mexico’s archaeology institute is keen to dismis…

Library Reference Desk Made of Recycled Books

This library reference desk at the University of Delft (Netherlands) is made of recycled books. There are three more pictures at the link. Link via The Presurfer | Photo: Recyclart