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Kayaker’s Close Encounter of the Blue Whale Kind

When he was kayaking off the Redondo Beach, California, YouTuber MrRJCtube had a close encounter with a blue whale. He said: A whale lunge feeding right next to the Kayak, plus some underwater footage. While the lunge feed was heart [...]

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I enjoy learning about cities that got creative with their official symbols. For example, the plastic pink flamingo is the official bird of Madison, WI. Back in the 1980s, California’s Redondo Beach adopted the Goodyear Blimp as their official bird. So if a town or city near you had a little fun with its official animal [...]

10 Amazing Vids of Dogs Hangin’ 20

While surfing may have originated in ancient Polynesian culture hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, the man who gets all the credit for bringing it to California’s shores (via Hawaii) is George Freeth. Henry Huntington, the railroad magnate, invited Freeth to Redondo Beach in 1907 and billed it like this: “Come see the man [...]