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Penguin Falls Down

(YouTube link) Today, you can tell everyone you saw a penguin fall on the ice. The headline at reddit said, “Penguin falls down resulting in best sound ever.” Yes, but we’re not sure of its exact meaning. -via reddit

Cat or Rabbit?

The caption at reddit says, “The morning after his first catnip.” However, at the Norwegian news site it came from, the translated caption is     cat or rabbit     Squeez enjoying himself with the carrot in the morning. Can we assume the cat is named Squeez? Link

Baffy the Bomb Dog

Is this the coolest-looking dog ever or what? Baffy is a bomb-sniffing dog, posted to reddit by his fellow soldier guynamedgriffin. He tells us Baffy came to him already named, so he doesn’t know the reason behind it, and that Baffy has already identified about 45 bombs. He also says: Yes the terrain can be rugged [...]


IN-E-BRI-ATE! Just like the real TARDIS, this Party TARDIS can take you through both time and space with the biological reaction called "drunkenness." Via reddit and The [...]

Time to Cut the Ca….Exterminate!!!!

Reddit user eclaire4186 had some of the greatest wedding cakes I’ve ever seen. These wedding cakes you have to cut before it’s too late! Link Via When Geeks Wed

11 Internet Tattoos

While I may be a tattooed professional blogger, I’ve never been driven to get a tattoo of something related to the internet—especially given how fast things fizzle out online. These folks don’t seem to mind the short shelf-life of most websites, though. Here are 11 people with internet-related tattoos. 1. Reddit Star Wars You knew someone out [...]

Bad Consumer, No Doughnut!

If you’ve ever worked in retail, then you know just how terrible some customers are. Fortunately, if you want to feel better about your own experiences, there’s now a great Reddit thread filled with venting retail workers, some of whom have the worst stories I’ve ever heard, like this one: Yesterday while I was helping out [...]

The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat … at the Pig Race!

Photo: imgur – via reddit You know what will motivate the pigs? Loser gets made into bacon! (Too bad for Pig #4) Just kidding … ALL of them will be made into bacon! [...]

Raccoon Invasion

(YouTube link) A mother raccoon teaches her growing litter how to scrounge a meal at photographer Brad Gillette’s house. -via reddit

Dirty Pool Old Man

Reddit user Climate knows we’re at war with the ants and he’ll do whatever it takes to win, even if it means luring them to their deaths with the promise of hot nude ant action. Don’t worry Antdude, we’ll let you live if you are willing to betray your own. Link Via BoingBoing