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Curiosity finds no methane on Mars

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity has been unable to find any signs of methane on the Red Planet. The presence of methane on Mars would have been a promisin…

NASA unveils their next Mars mission

A new mission planned for 2016 will be the first to take a look at the deep interior of the Red Planet. The dust from Curiosity’s landing has barely s…

Curiosity rover successfully lands on Mars

NASA rejoiced this morning as the one-ton Mars Science Laboratory touched down on the Red Planet. The team behind the mission waited with baited breat…

Curiosity on final approach to Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover is feeling the tug of Mars’ gravity as it prepares to land on the Red Planet. The car-sized rover is on track to touch down on …

The Curiosity Rover Landing

Remember Miss C’s post about the Curiosity Rover’s 7 Minutes of Terror? Well, it’s less than a week away now. Hank Green, over on The SciFi Show, just published this amazing, amazing, AMAZING narrated, animated look at the rover landing coming on the 5th. He’ll also be living tweeting it! So check out the vid, [...]

Obituary of Mars’s Robot Geologist

It’s hard to believe that NASA’s Mar’s Rover Spirit which was only supposed to function for a short period of time had been going strong on the Red Planet for years. Sadly however its mission is coming to an end. From surviving bouts of amnesia to an escape from a sandy dungeon, sometimes it seemed that [...]

NASA Send Robotic Plane to Study Mars

NASA wants to send a super-fast robotic plane to study Mars As a general rule, when NASA flies a scientific mission all the way to Mars, we expect that mission to last for a while. For instance, the Spirit and Opportunity rovers were slated to run for three months and are still operating 6 years [...]

Nasa and Esa sign Mars agreement

Both Nasa and the European Space Agency have signed a new agreement giving scientists the green light to plan joint missions to the Red Planet sta…