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21 World War I Recruitment Posters From Around the Globe

All countries have their own style when it comes to military recruitment posters, and even within one country, the style will change drastically depending on the specific branch looking for volunteers. Here are some interesting examples of military recruitment posters from World War I. England This poster was designed to bring a sense of shame to those [...]

Delightfully Retro Star Wars Posters

Remember, Star Wars did take place a long, long time ago, so really it only makes sense that their recruitment posters would look vintage to us. Cat Staggs aka Gattadonna on DeviantArt, made this series as part of a Star Wars Celebration art show in Orlando schedule to start next month. Link Via BoingBoing

15 Cool Modernized Propaganda Posters

They say the revolution won’t be televised, but it most certainly will be “posterized.” With so many stylized propaganda posters circulating throughout the twentieth century, it’s no wonder that so many artists have taken inspiration from these influential works of art. Here are 15 awesome examples of propaganda poster art. Video Games Steve Thomas is able to [...]

Minimalist Star Wars Propaganda Posters

Steve Squall has created some wonderfully minimalist Star Wars propaganda posters – from recruitment posters for the Imperial Navy to messages from the Rebel Alliance. More at Steve’s website: Link Previously on Neatorama: Star Wars Imperial Recruitment Posters | Star Wars Retro Travel Posters