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Village Person Tests Copyright Law

The rights to the 1978 song “Y.M.C.A.” generate a million dollars a year, even after all this time. But that money doesn’t go to the Village People, who performed the original recording, or the songwriters. Victor Willis, the original lead singer of the group, filed papers this year to regain control in 2013 over his share [...]

Russian moon recording released

The recording details Russia’s attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon hours before Apollo 11. In July 1969 the Soviet lunar spacecraft Luna 15 was i…

Video Games Running on a Pen. That You Write With. A Pen.

From the “I Didn’t Know They Could Put a Computer in That” department, apparently the Livescribe Echo™ Smartpen is a pen computer that runs software. No, it’s not a tablet — it’s a computer inside a pen. Out of the box, the pen has handwriting/drawing recording, audio recording, a built-in display with clock, a speaker, [...]

Talking Piano

(YouTube Link) Austrian composer Peter Ablinger digitized a recording of a child speaking and then programmed a mechanical piano to replicate the sounds. The video above is in German, but Hack a Day has provided a translation: I break down this phonography, meaning a recording of something the voice, in this case -, in individual pixels, one [...]