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1 in 10 Men Prefer iPad to Girlfriends

That’s what one recent poll of bachelors discovered: The research found that 11% of bachelors would rather own the popular Apple gadget than gain a new love interest. And 3% said they would happily leave a current partner if they [...]

Would Americans Trust Your Profession?

Not if you’re a member of Congress, they won’t! No surprise there – politicians haven’t been highly regarded for their honesty and ethics by John Q. Public for decades, but the 7% ratings in [...]

America’s Most Annoying Phrase

A recent poll asked Americans what the most annoying phrase they’ve heard is, and 47% of respondents answered “whatever”. It is believed that this is the actual phrase they found annoying, and not just a dismissive response to the question. Other candidates for most irritating phrases: “you know” netted 25 percent of the vote; “it is [...]