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High School Chemistry is a Blast

(YouTube link) I’m not sure what they were trying to do here, or what was supposed to happen, but there’s a good reason for wearing goggles in chemistry class. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Thomas Kinkade Meets Godzilla

For some reason, we really only ever see Godzilla rampaging in massive cities, but never in small, rural areas like those in the paintings of Thomas Kinkade. Man would I love to see him fight Mothra in one of these villages. Imagine the lights dancing off their skin. Link Via i09

Space Saving Bunk Couches

There’s no reason why the space saving concept of the bunk bed can’t be applied elsewhere. Desks, cribs, outhouses–you can save a lot of room with just vertical stacking. People at the i3 Detroit hackerspace built these bunk couches. Link -via Make

Rejected Dilbert Comics

Scott Adams of Dilbert comics wrote about this cartoon strip that got rejected for some reason. I wonder why … Link – via Tastefully Offensive

A Cute Customer Loyalty Card

I want to go to London if for no other reason than to get one of these cards stamped over and over again at Tapped & Packed. Especially since no one is steering the bike. -via reddit | Official Website

Skipping Dates

I should think that second reason is the best reason not to go on a date. This Twaggie was illustrated from a Tweet by @MrsRupertPupkin. See a new Twaggie every day at GoComics. Link

Landscape with Duck

(vimeo link) For some reason, the duck doesn’t fly, but he still has to migrate with his flock. This hand-drawn cartoon by Patrick Neary will remind you of classic cartoons from the early days of film. -via the Presurfer

15 Animals Treehuggers

Here’s a delightful and relaxing gallery of photographs featuring exotic animals clinging to trees. As if we needed another reason to love forests! Shown here is a Philippine Tarsier. See all of them at Environmental Graffiti. Link (Image credit: Jasper Greek Golangco)

The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

These sleeping positions may be awkward to us, but cats are liquid, so they settle in just fine anywhere. The real reason you should check out this collection of cat pictures is because they are both funny and adorable. LinkĀ 

Dalek Bunny Just Wants to Snuggle You into Extinction

Lea Hernandez’s bunny wabbit just wants to be loved. There’s no reason to be afraid. Link -via The Mary Sue