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Hobbit Terrarium

You know how when you were growing up, you were just waiting for the day when those McFly hoverboards were finally reality? Well, while you were doing that I was waiting for the ability to animate miniatures in real life – probably though holograms. Sort of like the movie The Indian in the Cupboard. Sadly, [...]

Reality show offering $10M Bigfoot prize

A new reality TV series is offering participants a grand prize of $10M if they can prove Bigfoot exists. Called “10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty” the…

The Missing Links: The SNL Reality Show That Might Have Been

Stare At The Sun Well, not the actual one. But you won’t want to take your eyes off this video of the sun. * He Put the E&O in Epcot As Stacy Conradt pointed out earlier today, Epcot opened on this day in 1982. If you visited the park in the 80s (or in the last few years [...]

Photos of Film Stills at Their Real-Life Locations

Christopher Moloney’s FILMography overlays movies and reality, like this scene from The Dark Knight Rises shot at Federal Hall in New York City. Moloney matches the perspective perfectly. His other movie stills include The French Connection, The Muppets Take Manhattan, The Quiet American and Tomb Raider. Link -via Flavorwire

Man builds virtual girlfriend

A man in Japan has built a partner using virtual reality goggles and motion-tracking hardware. By wearing the goggles it is possible to see his signif…

7 Futurama Gadgets That May Become A Reality

The gadgets and inventions featured on the animated TV show Futurama may seem pretty far out, but you might be surprised to find that some of these scifi gadgets may soon become a reality. We’ve already seen holograms appear which allowed Tupac to perform from beyond the grave at Coachella, and Smell-o-vision became a noxious reality [...]

The Truman Show Delusion

The popularity of reality shows have given rise to a new type of mental illness, dubbed the "Truman Show" delusion, where patients think that they’re being secretly filmed: Nicholas Marzano believes he’s the subject of a secret reality [...]

Dungeons & Dragons/Bank Lobbies & Accountants

(Video Link) For years, I’ve been suggesting that what you see in this video may be the true, unseen reality of our existence. The sketch comedy troupe Caution: May Contain Nuts shows was real adventuring is like. Warning: foul language. Official Website -via The Uniblog

Feline Version Of The Eleven Doctors

This is what the eleven incarnations of Doctor Who would look like if they came from a feline alternate reality. My, those little kittehs sure are sharp dressers! This purrrfect illustration brought to you courtesy of science illustrator Jenny Parks, who obviously has much love for both the most well known alien doctor ever, and [...]

Liquid Picnic Table

No, reality isn’t losing coherence — at least any more than it is normally. This surreal picnic table does indeed flow toward and over a railing. It’s an art installation by Michael Beitz at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Nebraska. Link | Video | Artist’s Website | Photos: Bemis Center Previously by Michael Beitz: The [...]