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I’ve Heard of Swimming Pool Bars, But This Is Just Crazy

(Video Link) Sure, swimming pool bars are fun, but your shoulders are bound to get burned as the rest of you starts to prune. If you prefer a more even pruning, then maybe you’d prefer this imaginary pool invented for this ad promote waterproof watches. Of course, the real reason you’d never want to swim in [...]

The 25 Most Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions

These sleeping positions may be awkward to us, but cats are liquid, so they settle in just fine anywhere. The real reason you should check out this collection of cat pictures is because they are both funny and adorable. Link 

Why They Don’t Update Christmas Specials Every Year

If you love Christmas animations, but start to feel like they’re a little too old and cliched, here’s the real reason why intrepid animators never update them to fit in with modern times. Link Via Laughing Squid

Loyal and Brave

This is the real reason people sleep with teddy bears. They don’t let you down, no matter what. This great image titled Sweet Halloween Dreams is by DeviantART member begemott. Link -via Buzzfeed

Why Do We Get Sick More in the Wintertime?

Your mother probably told you time and time again, “Bundle up or you’ll catch a cold!” But how accurate is this statement? After all, our bodies stay close to the same temperature no matter how cold it is outside. What is the real reason people get sick more in the wintertime? Well to answer that question [...]