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Iron Man Purse

Yes, Mr. Stark carries a murse. You got a problem with that? They’re practical and stylish. You can charge a phone with the built-in arc reactor. I just hope that DeviantART member TheGoddess908 doesn’t let them fall into the wrong hands. Link -via Technabob

Mad Scientist of the Month: Who’s Afraid of Taylor Wilson?

This article is your special sneak peek at the September-October issue of mental_floss magazine. by Judy Dutton At 10, he built his first bomb. At 14, he made a nuclear reactor. Now he’s 17… Taylor Wilson makes people nervous. While his beanpole frame and Justin Bieber–esque haircut suggest he’s just a harmless kid, his after-school activities paint a [...]

Man attempts to build nuclear reactor

A man in Sweden was arrested after he was caught trying to construct a nuclear reactor in his kitchen. The 31-year-old had undertaken the DIY project …

E-Cat Cold fusion independently validated

The new reactor is gaining momentum and could be the answer to providing clean, unlimited energy. The “E-Cat” was invented by Andrea Rossi and Sergio …

Sustainable fusion reactor ready by 2012 ?

The world’s first sustainable fusion reactor could become workable within just two years. In construction at the National Ignition Facility in Livermo…

Nuclear reactor to power moon base

NASA are developing a compact nuclear reactor the size of a wastebasket that could power a future base on the moon. With plans to build a base on the …

Thorium, the Green Nuke

Aerospace engineer Kirk Sorensen became interested in nuclear energy by reading records of experiments done by Alvin Weinberg and his team after World War II at the Oak Ridge Nuclear Plant. What really captured Sorenson’s attention was the promise of thorium, which has advantages over uranium as a nuclear fuel. Uranium worked best for nuclear [...]

New reactor uses sunlight to make fuel

Scientists at Sandia National Labs have come up with a new reactor that sets of a thermo-chemical reaction in order to convert or “reverse-combust…