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This is How a Rapper’s Brain Works

Oh my God, Becky Look at his brain It’s so big He looks like one of those rap guys [...]

10 Bizarre Coloring Books for Adults

Psst! Got any crayons? You’ll want a box when you see how much fun adults can have with coloring books designed just for those of a certain age. And please try to stay within the lines. 1. The Lowrider Coloring Book The Lowrider Coloring Book contains illustrations of the most popular cars used in lowrider culture. Just [...]

Romney vs. Obama: An Epic Rap Battle

How about this, instead of another (boring) debate we have a Presidential Rap Battle? The guys are Epic Rap Battle are already ahead of us. Without taking sides, the candidates spit out everything from how Mitt thinks Obama won his first election, to exactly what Obama plans to do with his stimulus package (word to the [...]

The Most Influential Musician You’ve Never Heard Of

For a guy who was a major pioneer of rock ‘n’ roll and rap, not to mention the music video, Louis Jordan is criminally underappreciated. During the 1940s and early 50s, the saxophone-playing singer and bandleader had a whopping 54 hits (18 of them reached #1) in a style called jumpin’ jive. A high-spirited amalgam [...]

Napoleon VS. Napoleon

Epic Rap Battle time! Who do you think would win in a match between Napoleon Bonaparte and Napoleon Dynamite? [Warning: Adult language at the very beginning of the video] As always, these great rap battles are brought to you by NicePeter.

Einstein vs Stephen Hawking

It’s another Epic Rap Battles of History from YouTube star NicePeter. Who do you think would win in a rap battle between these two giant minds?

The Late Movies: White People Rapping Poorly

The Tumblr White People Rapping Poorly is devoted to cataloging, you guessed it: bad raps by white people. It’s off the hook…um…y’all. Their mission statement: “Science has show that for every Eminem, there are approximately 598,467 white people that try to rap but can’t. This is devoted to bringing you the best of the worst.” Blazin [...]

The Late Movies: Girl Talk Mashups

I know what you’re thinking: yeah, yeah, more mashups. But I promise you, THIS IS DIFFERENT. The guy behind Girl Talk — a laptop-wielding hipster named Greg — raises the mashup to an art form. (An extremely danceable art form.) He’s released five albums thus far, all available for free, each composed of hundreds [...]

Fully Sick Rapper Sets Record for World’s Longest Rap

(Video Link) Christiaan Van Vuuren became an Internet sensation in February by composing a rap video while in hospital quarantine for tuberculosis. This was followed by a second video before Van Vuuren was released from the hospital. As a promotional stunt, the makers of an Australian energy drink hired him to set a record for the world’s [...]

A Comprehensive Rap-Graphic

Fans of rap (or hugely engrossing graphics) will delight in this chart which categorizes the names of nearly every known rapper – showing where two or more categories intersect. You may lose hours tracing how the different categories come into play. For instance: “Big” + “Daddies” = Big Daddy Kane “Big” + “Three Letters” = Notorious B.I.G. “Three Letters” + [...]