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World War I Centennial: Even Bigger Battleships, Part II

The First World War was an unprecedented catastrophe that killed millions and set the continent of Europe on the path to further calamity two decades later. But it didn’t come out of nowhere. With the centennial of the outbreak of hostilities coming up in 2014, Erik Sass will be looking back at the lead-up to the [...]

Stabilized Like a Segway, This Motorcycle Won’t Tip Over

Daniel Kim is nothing if not ambitious. His goal is to revolutionize personal transportation by combining the best elements of a car and a motorcycle. The result of his work is the prototype C1–an enclosed motorcycle that uses gyroscopic stabilizers to remain upright: Cars, by Kim’s reckoning, are most often a waste of space and, for [...]

Woman with ’superhuman’ sight discovered

Scientists believe that some people are able to see up to 100 times the range of colours most of us can. Due to the subjective nature of vision it is …

Are Christmas trees making people ill ?

New research has suggested Christmas trees may be responsible for a whole range of ailments. Known as “Christmas Tree Syndrome”, the problem is caused…

Ghost mountains mystery solved

Scientists believe they are now able to explain the vast mountain range beneath the Antarctic ice. Discovered in the 1950s, the Gamburtsevs are a huge…

If the Editors of Cosmopolitan Produced the Magazine Guns & Ammo

It’d probably look something like this. Although agitating a range safety officer (RO) is usually a bad idea. You don’t want to become the that guy at the range. Image by Robb Allen using a photo by Oleg Volk.

Chicken Coop for Hipster Chicken

If the eggs of free range chicken taste better, what about those of hipster chicken? Well, while you ponder that, take a look at this modern chicken coop called nogg by Matthew Hayward and Nadia Turan. Stylish, fox-proof, and ovoid? Check. Check and check. What more can you ask for? Link – via homedit

The Evolution of Nicolas Cage’s Hair

(YouTube link) Nicolas Cage has played roles in 66 different films so far, and his roles have an extraordinary range. So does his hair! For proof, watch this video compilation by Harry Hanrahan. See a list of the films used at Pajiba. -via The Daily What

Avatar Movie Theme Wedding | Dress Up

Avatar weddings in Pandora ‘really pathetic’ – Newlyweds have been screaming blue murder over their ‘Pandora weddings’ set among the stunning mountain range used in blockbuster movie Avatar. Enterprising events organisers in natural beauty spot Wu Lingyuan, southern China, are cashing in on the fact that James Cameron used their stunning mountain range as the inspiration [...]

Exposing Antarctica’s "ghost mountains"

Under the vast ice sheets of Antarctica there exists an extensive mountain range entirely encompassed in the ice. Now an international team of sci…