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Heads up! For his series Vaults (2003 – 2009) Photographer David Stephenson documented some of the world’s most beautiful vaulted ceilings. This one above is from the Sainte-Chappelle in Paris, France. [...]

Lego Word Puzzles

The image is part of a campaign designed by Costa Rican agency TBWA. What other potential Lego creations can visualize from above? I think I found “alien life form.” Link -via COLT + RANE | TBWA website

Animals Face to Face

Meet the Sulawesi black-crested macaca (Macaca nigra). If his expression is any kind of clue, photographer Stefano Unterthiner’s surprise shot is probably not appreciated. (Incidentally, I make that exact face any time someone takes my picture, so sharing this here probably isn’t helping Mr. Macaca feel better about himself. Assuming he is a “he” of [...]