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Rainbow Brite Starlight Pillow

Rainbow Brite Starlight Pillow – $24.95 Attention Rainbow Brite fans! Are you looking for the perfect pillow to go with your favorite Rainbow Brite Body Cozy? You need the magical Rainbow Brite Starlight Pillow from the NeatoShop. This super soft pillow plush looks like Rainbow Brite’s horse. It is wonderful for a resting your weary head of [...]

My Little Pony Wedding Cake Toppers

Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh? Never in a million years would I have thought those two would get together. Now Big Mac and Fluttershy–that I can see. Well, I hope the couple is happy together. This cake topper by Diana K. Torres will certainly contribute to a grand wedding. Link -via My Little Pony Crafts

My Little Pony Carved Pipes

ArgtheAvatar carved beautiful pipes with the visages of Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash. He used Mediterranean briar, a hardwood commonly used in pipe carving. Let’s give him a double brohoof. He’s more than earned it. Link

Beeposh Rainbow Lunch Box

Beeposh Rainbow Lunch Bag – $9.95 School is starting. Is your old lunch box a drag? You need the very groovy Beeposh Rainbow Lunch Bag from the NeatoShop. You will dig the stellar tie-dye rainbow pattern. Yeah man, this insulated bag is righcheous!       Beeposh Rainbow Backpack also available.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop [...]

Fire Rainbow

Photo: Lisa Foss Forget the Double Rainbow, there’s a new celestial phenomenon that makes us yelp "OMG what does this mean?" Lisa Foss of Ely, Minnesota saw this brilliant display of [...]

Rainbow Unicorn Piñata Gun Shoots Planet-Destroying Confetti out of Its Butt

(Video Link) It’s all fun and games until a planet gets obliterated. So be careful. Go ahead and make a rainbow unicorn piñata gun by following the instructions at the link, but always observe the four rules of rainbow unicorn piñata gun safety: 1. All unicorns are always loaded. 2. Always keep your unicorn’s butt pointed in a [...]

Tom Swifty Contest

More Awesome Than a Double Rainbow T-Shirt – $11.95 Of course you all know about our Facebook and Twitter accounts. But did you know we also are ramping up our presence over on Google+? If you’re not yet on there, now’s a good time because we’re running a fun Tom Swifty contest this weekend. Go write [...]

How to Make a Rainbow with a Shotgun

(Video Link) It’s a twofer — make a pretty rainbow and reduce the leprechaun infestation on your land. In this heartwarming video, a young lady named Kristi pours round after round into a creek to create a lovely rainbow. I should remember this trick for the next Valentine’s Day. -via Everyday, No Days Off

Double Rainbow Cupcakes

Oh, my God, it’s a double rainbow all the way! Woah. It’s so bright. What does this mean? Link -via That’s Nerdalicious! | Photo: Megan Seling

Psychedelic Paper Sculptures By Jen Stark

These vibrant, rainbow colored artworks are by Jen Stark, and they’re made entirely of paper! Some of them look like a portal to another dimension, while others are like a rainbow colored coating for an otherwise drab world. You can see works from her latest show here, and here’s a link to a previous Neatorama post [...]