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Forgotten Nintendo Games

(Video link) The alarming thing is, as someone who logged some serious hours on Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker I don’t find the prospect of a Dirty Dancing game terribly unrealistic. These less-than-fondly remembered Nintendo games of the ’80s have a real “it’s funny because it’s true” quality about them. The music and 8-bit graphics are so very [...]

Would The Wonder Years Be a Good Video Game?

(Video Link) In this video, Dan Meth imagines 80s-era Nintendo games based on the Chernobyl disaster, the movie Rain Man, The Arsenio Hall Show, and other icons of the 1980s. If you have any cheat codes for the Baby Jessica Well Rescue, please let me know.

The Late Movies: Kim Peek, the Original “Rain Man”

Kim Peek was an autistic savant who inspired the movie Rain Man. Peek died on December 19, and below I’ve posted a five-part documentary about him, featuring neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran, among others. If you haven’t seen Rain Man, you probably should, but in short let’s just quote Wikipedia on Peek’s abilities: “His reading technique consisted [...]

Kim Peek, RIP

I’ve just learned that Kim Peek, the savant that inspired the 1988 movie Rain Man, died on Saturday of a heart attack: Peek was born on Nov. 11, 1951. At 9 months, doctors said he was severely mentally retarded. “They told us we should institutionalize him because he would never walk or talk,” Fran Peek said. [...]

7 Great Misconceptions About Australia

As an Australian, I’m greeted with open arms whenever I go overseas. It’s great to be liked… but though I hate to admit it, there are a few things people get wrong about us. I’m afraid I don’t have a pet kangaroo, I don’t live on a wide-open Outback farm, I don’t eat copious amounts [...]