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CN Tower Edge Walk

(YouTube link) Have you been wondering what the most extreme thing to do in Toronto is? Me too! Let’s wonder no longer: it’s the Edge Walk at the CN Tower! For $175, some really enterprising Canadians will place you in a harness and send you out along the edge of one of the world’s tallest buildings [...]

Woman Fights Off Bear with Zucchini

A bear attacked a dog in Frenchtown, Montana. The dog’s owner fended off the bear using a zucchini: When the woman, whom police did not name, tried to separate the animals, the bear bit her in the leg. Maricelli says the woman reached for the nearest object at hand on the porch’s railing — a large zucchini [...]

Viewing Platforms For The Brave

Anyone afraid of heights would most certainly not be interested in exploring any of the 12 viewing platforms featured on this WebEcoist post. The most striking is probably the one shown, found at the Aurland Lookout in Norway. While it looks like a bridge solely made for suicides, it actually has a thick sheet of [...]