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Adam Savage: About My “Indiana Jones” Hat

At this year’s Maker Faire, Adam Savage delivered a speech about “why we make” — a discussion largely about how Savage gets kids interested in making things. But first, he started with a story about his exquisitely perfect Indiana Jones fedora. He begins: “This is a replica of Harrison Ford’s hat from Raiders [...]

Raiding the Lost Ark: New Commentary on a Classic Film

In this “filmumentary,” Jamie Benning combines the entire film Raiders of the Lost Ark, behind-the-scenes footage, a transcript of an early story conference, and a series of interviews related to the movie from all the principals. What you get is a feature-length (over two hours) documentary on the film, full of fun facts (popup [...]

Raiders of the Lost Archives

This is a gem — a shot-by-shot comparison of Raiders of the Lost Ark with 30 different adventure films made between 1919-1973. It’s a thirteen-minute video that apparently took two years to make. I imagine much of that was finding and cataloguing every shot in those 30 adventure films, in order to match [...]

The Late Movies: Lego Remakes

For tonight’s Late Movies, we’ve compiled a few clips featuring everyone’s favorite building blocks. Here are a bunch of videos using Lego blocks to recreate famous scenes. You may have seen Jill & Kevin’s Wedding Entrance video that was making the rounds a few weeks ago. Here’s a Lego recreation. Here is a shot-for-shot remake of Michael [...]