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Your Partner for Mushroom Processing on an Industrial Scale

Havatec makes, among other things, massive industrial machinery for processing mushrooms. Now, the world of industrial mushroom processing may not seem that interesting, and I’ll admit I’m glad it’s not my day job, but it’s impressive to see how much effort and thoughtful mechanical work has gone into sorting, trimming, and otherwise preparing mushrooms [...]

Adam Savage: About My “Indiana Jones” Hat

At this year’s Maker Faire, Adam Savage delivered a speech about “why we make” — a discussion largely about how Savage gets kids interested in making things. But first, he started with a story about his exquisitely perfect Indiana Jones fedora. He begins: “This is a replica of Harrison Ford’s hat from Raiders [...]

Raiding the Lost Ark: New Commentary on a Classic Film

In this “filmumentary,” Jamie Benning combines the entire film Raiders of the Lost Ark, behind-the-scenes footage, a transcript of an early story conference, and a series of interviews related to the movie from all the principals. What you get is a feature-length (over two hours) documentary on the film, full of fun facts (popup [...]

Raiders of the Lost Archives

This is a gem — a shot-by-shot comparison of Raiders of the Lost Ark with 30 different adventure films made between 1919-1973. It’s a thirteen-minute video that apparently took two years to make. I imagine much of that was finding and cataloguing every shot in those 30 adventure films, in order to match [...]

Raiders Of The Lost Archives-A Comparison

(YouTube Link) This eye opening, and beautifully edited, video shows a shot-by-shot comparison of Raiders of the Lost Ark and 31 other films made between 1919 and 1973. To say that there are a few similarities would be an understatement, so obviously this is due to Spielberg doing his homework, right? *wink* If you’ve seen this before, good [...]

1980s Film Alphabet

I’m not usually good at this sort of thing, but I looked at the 1980s Film Alphabet and could name all the movies! Yes, even Raiders of the Lost Ark, which is under “I”, for the character, I guess. This is a creation of artist Stephen Wildish. Link -via Laughing Squid


(YouTube link) To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jeff Gurwood recreated the opening scene in stop-motion animation. Indymation, starring action figures, took six months to complete. -via The Daily What Geek

Indy Explains Egypt

Confused about the situation in Egypt? It’s understandable, there’s a lot going on and with the Internet clampdown you’re left in the hands of the news organizations, which already had their hands full with coverage of Snooki’s novel. I don’t know about you, but i find that there’s no better way of absorbing information than [...]

Up! (1965)

(YouTube link) What if Disney had produced the movie Up! in 1965? YouTube member whoiseyevan, who gave us Ghost Busters 1954 and Raiders of the Lost Ark 1951 produced a trailer for a 1960s live-action version. See a list of clips sources at the YouTube link. -via reddit

Indiana Jones Holy Grail Paperclip Holder

Indiana Jones Holy Grail Paperclip Holder – $29.95 From the awesome movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, here’s a clever (and very useful) movie prop spoof: behold, the Indiana Jones Holy Grail Magnetic Paperclip Holder from the NeatoShop. Or perhaps the chalice can also hold your future ticket stub from the 5th Indiana Jones movie, [...]