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Martian Radiation Low Enough for Humans to Survive

One of the challenges of living beyond the Earth’s atmosphere for long periods of time is the danger of cosmic radiation. But discoveries made by the scientists running the Curiosity rover indicate that this won’t be a problem on Mars: “The astronauts can live in this environment,” Don Hassler, principal investigator on Curiosity’s Radiation Assessment Detector [...]

The Secret of Ozersk

In the early 1950s, Russian scientists were worried about a nuclear attack by the United States and wanted to know how radiation damaged tissue and caused cancer, so they decided to do an experiment. A massive one: The town of Ozersk, deep [...]

12 Things “Enhanced” With Radiation

At one time, radium, or radiation, was considered new, cutting-edge, and the savior of mankind. Any and all products were “better” when infused with radiation! See a collection of these miracle products at Buzzfeed. Link

Radiation blamed for Russian probe failure

Russian space officials have claimed that cosmic radiation was to blame for the demise of Phobos-Grunt. The ill-fated spacecraft was launched last yea…

Mystery radiation detected across Europe

Nuclear officials are trying to locate the source of mysterious radiation picked up in Europe this week. While the levels are too low to pose a health…

Mad Scientist of the Month: Who’s Afraid of Taylor Wilson?

This article is your special sneak peek at the September-October issue of mental_floss magazine. by Judy Dutton At 10, he built his first bomb. At 14, he made a nuclear reactor. Now he’s 17… Taylor Wilson makes people nervous. While his beanpole frame and Justin Bieber–esque haircut suggest he’s just a harmless kid, his after-school activities paint a [...]

XKCD Radiation Dose Chart

With all the bad news of the nuclear reactor incident in Fukushima, Japan, it’s hard to get a handle of exactly how much radiation is bad. Randall Munroe of XKCD created what is probably the most informative chart about the different doses of radiation you get from various activities of life, from sleeping next to someone [...]

Ameloblastoma Benign Tumor of Odontogenic Of The Jaw

Ameloblastoma is a rare, benign tumor of odontogenic epithelium (ameloblasts, or outside portion, Videos and Pictures of the teeth during development) much more commonly appearing in the mandible than the maxilla. It was recognized in 1827 by Cusack. This type of odontogenic neoplasm was designated as an adamantinoma in 1885 by the French physician Louis-Charles [...]

Radiation ripples suggest many Big Bangs

Scientists have found new evidence suggesting that the Big Bang might not have been the first or last. Radiation ripples have been discovered that are…

Radiation prevents manned Mars mission

Radiation may prove to be the single biggest hurdle in putting a human on the planet Mars. Without the protective atmosphere and magnetic field of…