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10 Bizarre Weapons of the Allies During World War II

Listverse has pictures and descriptions of ten strange weapons developed by the Allies during World War II. Among them were sound mirrors, some of which still dot the British coast: They are the long-forgotten acoustic reflectors, dubbed by locals as the “listening ears.” These lonely structures were built to protect harbors and coastal towns from airborne [...]

Russia’s Inflatable Army

Russia has devised a way to enlarge its army while saving money. It’s begun making large numbers of inflatable — and fake — tanks, radar stations, and trucks: What they lack in firepower, they make up for in flexibility: they are light and can be deployed quickly to deceive the enemy. They are also very realistic. They [...]

Radar reveals world beneath Antarctica

A NASA plane bristling with ice-penetrating radar and other equipment is flying over the Antarctic to help replace a dying satellite that was moni…