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The Cutest Way to Play Skyrim Ever

(Video Link) Maybe it’s just me, but they should totally add a race of bears to Skyrim so you could play as this adorable Dovahbear. If they already have cats and lions, why not bears? Via Kotaku

Paralyzed Woman Completed London Marathon in a Bionic Suit

Sixteen days after the London Marathon began, 32-year-old Claire Thomas completed the race. Before you think that’s awfully slow, be assured that it’s quite a remarkable achievement: See, Claire is paralyzed form the chest down [...]

One Third of Waiters Consciously Provide Poor Service to Black Customers

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence of waiters at restaurants delivering less than stellar service to black patrons, but a recent research study put hard numbers behind the phenomenon of "tableside racism": "Many people believe [...]

Youngest Ever Iditarod Winner

Dallas Seavey was the first to cross the finish line of the 40th Iditarod race in Nome, Alaska, yesterday evening. At 25 years old, he is the youngest winner of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race ever, though it’s not his first sports championship -he was a state and national champion wrestler in high school. A [...]

Lawnmowers on Ice

Finland’s hot new sport is lawnmower racing -on ice! It only makes sense, because there’s plenty of ice in Finland, and the lawnmowers are busy cutting grass when the ice is gone. The city of Jarvenpaa recently hosted an international race. The object of the sport is to ride a lawn mower and accumulate as many [...]

The Dutch Get Ready for a Rare Ice Skating Race

Europe has had a hard winter, but the upside may be that the Netherlands gets to hold a rare ice skating race. The Elfstedentocht is conducted in the province of Friesland whenever the 125-mile course of canals and lakes has frozen to a thickness of six inches: Called the Elfstedentocht (or in English, the Eleven Cities [...]

Study: ‘ET should have found us by now’

New research has suggested that an alien race should have been in touch by now, mathematically speaking. The study goes on to suggest that we are actu…

Did They Ever Win a Primary?

So far, three Republican presidential hopefuls have won one state primary or caucus each. Eventually, only one will be selected for the presidential race. Mental_floss looks back into previous election races for today’s Lunchtime Quiz. You will be given ten politicians who ran for president unsuccessfully in the past, and you try to recall whether [...]

Prada’s Classic Car Pumps

If you love race cars, then you might just like these fantastic Prada pumps based on the some of the most popular cars of the 50′s and 60′s. It’s a great blend between classic and modern styles. Link Via Laughing Squid