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At the Libraries: Most Referenced Song in Literature

Take a quick guess, and then click through and see if you are right — what is the number one most referenced song in literature? I didn’t get it, but surely one of you will? * Move to New York to become a writer? Here’s a powerful manifesto of why you should keep the faith! [...]

19 Fun Facts About Children’s Books Spotted at the Library

This past week I spent some quality time in the children’s section of my local library. Over on Instagram (we’re @mental_floss), I’ve been sharing photos of books with facts related to them. Since only 1,030 people have joined us over there — way more than the 42 who’d joined us before last weekend, but still [...]

Classic Goosebumps Book or Cheesy Horror Film?

Some horror films are pretty silly even while they scare us to death, and that is often reflected in the titles. In fact, author R.L. Stine was probably influenced by real movies in naming the Goosebumps series of children’s books. If you are familiar with either, you’ll probably do well on today’s Lunchtime Quiz at [...]

The Quick 10: The Not-Very-Scary Former Jobs of 10 Very Scary People

Even the most successful people in the world didn’t graduate fresh out of college or high school to immediately start making the big bucks – and that goes for the most successful scary people as well. Check out what these frightening writers and directors were doing before they were scaring the pants off of us. 1. [...]