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How Infographics Are Ruining The Web

We can’t post a quote from this (or any) infographic, because you can’t copy text from a graphic. Also, infographic “facts” tend to be unreliable, but this particular one is just trying to make an overall point, so go see it at SplatF. Link -via Boing Boing

Did John Smoltz Burn Himself While Ironing the Shirt He Was Wearing?

Any conversation about bizarre sports injuries eventually turns to John Smoltz, who supposedly burned himself while trying to iron the shirt he was wearing in 1990. The legend lives on in sports blogs and message boards, though Smoltz has been trying to debunk it for 15 years. Here’s a 1996 quote from The Sporting News: “That [...]

Jurassic Park Art

I don’t know about you, but I love this hilarious Jurassic Park artwork featuring Jeff Goldblum’s most famous, stuttering quote in the film, where he played Ian Malcom. It’s part of a great Blockbusterz Artshow filled with tons of awesome and funny artworks based on huge movies. Link Via The Mary Sue

The Movie Quote Generator Quiz

They call me Mister Neatorama! Which movie was this quote from? Get your own quotes: This toy from the Surrealist is a movie quiz in that you are challenged to recall what movie the quote is from. But the quote is not quite the same, because it’s also a generator that will insert words of your choice into [...]


A recent meme is to mix up science fiction universes to provoke an indignant response from science fiction geeks. A quote from a movie, TV show, book, or video game will do, but make sure it’s mis-attributed and laid over a picture that has nothing to do with the quote or the attribution! See 32 [...]