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5 Questions: Breaking Bad

Thursday’s 5 Questions quiz: Breaking Bad

Best Drama Emmy Winners

Today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss is for TV aficionados and critics. Since 1988, 14 different shows have won the Emmy award for Best Drama. How many of them can you name in five minutes? I got about half of them by naming every series I could think of, including many I’ve never seen. You will [...]

5 Questions: Pirates of Penzance

This is the very model of the modern 5 Questions quiz: Pirates of Penzance

Name That Supporting Cast

Today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss is a lot of fun whether you know the answers or not. For each question, you’re given the cast of a movie, minus the star. Can you name the film for each cast? All I will say about my score is that I was correct for the movies that I [...]

5 Questions: Booker

Read all about it! Tuesday’s 5 Questions quiz: Booker

5 Questions: ‘Animal House’ Characters

Thursday’s 5 Questions quiz asks: “Thank you, sir, may I have another?”  ‘Animal House’ Characters

5 Questions: The ‘Ultra’ Quiz

It’s not your everyday quiz, or even a Super Quiz. Monday’s 5 Questions quiz is The ‘Ultra’ Quiz.

Who Said It: NFL Coach or Dictator?

Listening to football coaches can be a little scary, with their militaristic talk of marching down the field and annihilating the enemy. In fact, it can almost sound like listening to some kind of brutal dictator. Of the quotes in this quiz, can you identify which came from an NFL coach and which came from [...]

5 Questions: Gone Swimming

Thursday’s 5 Questions quiz has Gone Swimming.

Quiz: Secret Service Codenames

GQ reported this morning that Paul Ryan’s Secret Service codename is “Bowhunter.” Mitt Romney is “Javelin,” Barack Obama is “Renegade,” and Joe Biden is “Celtic.” But how much do you know about other Secret Service codenames? Take this quiz to find out. But be quick… it will self-destruct in 30 seconds. Take the Quiz: Secret Service [...]