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5 Questions: It’s a Bl-’izz’-ard

Thursday’s 5 Questions quiz sees white: It’s a Bl-’izz’-ard


Here’s a math quiz that starts out deceptively simple and slow, but gradually becomes more difficult while you’re telling yourself how well you’re doing. Before you know it, you’re scrambling to keep up! I got to one point where I didn’t even recognize the symbols, but figured it out somehow. I cannot tell you what [...]

5 Questions: NBC-TV’s “Revolution”

In Tuesday’s 5 Questions quiz, you may recognize some of the names from ‘NBC-TV’s Revolution

Who’s on the Left? (part two)

If you enjoyed trying the mental_floss quiz Who’s on the Left? then you’ll want to try out ten more famous pairs. You know the names, you know the faces, but are you sure you know which one is which? I didn’t -I only got four correct! I still don’t know who Ed and Larry are. [...]

5 Questions: Moving ‘Van’

Wednesday’s 5 Questions quiz asks you to pack up the Moving ‘Van’

Happy Birthday, Bob Ross!

If he were alive, TV painter Bob Ross would have turned 70 years old today. In honor of the occasion, mental_floss is dedicating their Lunchtime Quiz to the artist and his happy little trees. How much do you know about Bob Ross? Take the quiz and find out! Link

5 Questions: No Escaping the ‘Yard’

Thursday’s 5 Questions quiz proves that no matter what you do, there’s No Escaping the ‘Yard’

5 Questions: Not In My Back ‘Yard’

You’ll find Wednesday’s 5 Questions quiz here, but Not In My Back ‘Yard’

5 Questions: Gilding the ‘Lily’

Tuesday’s 5 Questions quiz is Gilding the ‘Lily’

5 Questions: In the Desert

Thursday’s 5 Questions quiz is a tad dry: In the Desert