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Accio Comfort and Warmth!

Jennifer Ofenstein likes to make Harry Potter quilts and she even sells them at her Etsy shop. This one might just be the best of the bunch, but it’s hard to decide with so many other options out there -we’ve even featured her quilts before. Link via Geek Crafts

Harry Potter Quilt

Back in 2008, Stacy posted a roundup of wonderful quilts that included this Harry Potter quilt by Jennifer Ofenstein. This week, Jennifer was shocked to find that the Harry Potter quilt she completed years ago has gone viral. Better late than never! This quilt certainly deserves another look. Each block of the pattern is available [...]

Stellar Quilts

What do you get when you combine your geeky passion for astronomy and craft? This awesome Stellar Quilts by Jimmy McBride: Yes, that’s the Pillars of Creation. Find more of Jim’s artwork on Craftzine: Link