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The Dalek and TARDIS Quilt

This quilt, by Craftster member graverobbergirl, is a great tribute to this show, featuring a plethora of daleks floating around the TARDIS. My favorite details though are the explosion around the TARDIS and the spacey piece around the edge. Link Via Craftzine

10 Mind-Blowing Art Quilts

The art of quilting grew out of the very practical activity of making warm bed covers, often out of recycled fabrics. Even hundreds of years ago, creative quilters took the opportunity to make something beautiful as well as useful. Clever patterns were passed around and became traditional, but the art is not limited to those [...]

12 Impressive Sci-Fi Quilts

Science fiction fans are a creative bunch, which only makes sense if you think about it. And nothing makes a more personal gift than a handmade quilt that someone you love has poured their time and creativity into in order to display your geeky interests. Here are a dozen such projects. 1. Spock Quilt You have to [...]

Harry Potter Quilt

Back in 2008, Stacy posted a roundup of wonderful quilts that included this Harry Potter quilt by Jennifer Ofenstein. This week, Jennifer was shocked to find that the Harry Potter quilt she completed years ago has gone viral. Better late than never! This quilt certainly deserves another look. Each block of the pattern is available [...]

Fascinating! A Spock Quilt

This 82 by 52 inch quilt was made by Carol of FunThreads for a quilting fair. She adapted an image of Spock from a pumpkin carving template. You can read instructions for making your own at the link. Link via Dude Craft

Beatles Baby Quilt

Redditor suziecreamcheese made this quilt for a baby shower. Each quilt block is a representation of a Beatles album cover. I think she nailed the White Album, don’t you? Link -via Blame It On The Voices

Science Quilt

Redditor zeldajk received this lovely baby quilt displaying science concept designs. Different blocks represent light and optics, measurement, astrophysics, particle physics, electromagnetism, and other parts of the world of science. The first block is a tribute to Albert Einstein! Link to pictures of the quilt. Link to pattern. -via Gizmodo

Space-Themed Quilts

Photo: Jimmy McBride Artist Jimmy McBride makes quilts inspired by stunning astronomical photographs, such as this depiction of galaxy M64. It’s currently on display at the City Quilter, a quilt shop in New York City. McBride writes: they say in space, “no one can hear you scream.” well, they can’t hear the low drone of the internal [...]