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5 Questions: Express

Quick: What’s the theme for Tuesday’s 5 Question quiz? Give up? It’s: ¬†Express

Prosperity Paramount in 1929

  Quick, what’s the one thing you know about the year 1929? I bet it has nothing to do with fire, flood, or disease. This picture appeared in the December 30, 1928 issue of the Ogden Standard-Examiner of Ogden, Utah. In the full graphic, the horoscope for the year is broken down into months, and the [...]

Moscow Metro Stained Glass Avantgarde

“QUICK SHOT” #2Link Moscow Metro, Shabolovskaya Station, 1962 (image via) A backlit stained-glass panel on the theme of radio and television broadcasting, shown above. Another example of Soviet 1970s official folk art is the panel on the wall of “Belyaevo” metro station, created in 1974 by Bodniek and Rysin: (image via) From the Stalin times, here’s a couple of Moscow [...]

Japanese Memo Clock Cute Idea

“QUICK SHOT” #1 Link – by Avi Abrams Japanese Memo Clock: cute concept which actually involves WRITING This is sold in Japan (at Taobao stores), but actually made in South Korea: the Memo CLock is ceramic, comes with the erasable marker and prompts you to plan your day and stick to the plan! It’s the last part that’s [...]

What’s Your Favorite Love Song From ’80s Movies?

Quick – what’s your favorite love song from ’80s movie? Can’t pick just one? Well, neither can Emily Temple. She’s crafted this Top 10 list of Best Love Songs from ’80s Movies over at Flavorwire. (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes (from Dirty Dancing, of course) came in at [...]

Artist Statement Generator

Quick! We have to get the sculpture to the exhibition hall! There’s no time to formulate our aesthetic rationale into a coherent philosophical statement. Just use this artist statement generator to come up with stuff like this: My work explores the relationship between the tyranny of ageing and multimedia experiences. With influences as diverse as Derrida and [...]

9 Wedding Foods Around the World

Quick -what’s traditional to serve at a wedding? Cake? Champagne? That’s just the beginning, because different cultures have different menus, and they all have some history or symbolic meaning. The Igbo tribe of southern Nigeria incorporates kola nuts (pictured here) in the wedding ceremony, as a bridal gift, to be served to guests, and even [...]