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R2-D2 Engagement Ring

That’s an extremely well put-together little marriage. Joe had this ring custom made for his bride, Emily. Then, in the presence of their friends and while dressed as Peanuts characters, he popped the question. Link -via Geekologie

Vacant Earth: What Would You Do?

MetaFilter member Dudley Storey poses a fascinating question: So you wake up tomorrow morning to find almost everyone on Earth missing. The Internet will continue to work for a few hours: what information could you download to ensure your survival and rebuild civilization? Mr. Storey has a few suggestions, which you can read at the link. [...]

Babbage Engine Tech Support

Zach Weiner’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal is consistently one of the funniest and most intelligent webcomics available. Today’s, though, was especially good. A Nineteenth Century British owner of an analytical engine is contacting tech support, which apparently wasn’t any better back then. I would like to add that Mr. Weiner is a gentleman. A year or [...]

Flowchart: Should You Have Hot Cocoa?

Should you have hot cocoa? William Sisskind of Socrates’ Closet crated the flowchart to determine the answer of this weighty question: Link

Famous Objects from Classic Movies

I had so much fun playing this game that it was at least ten movies in before I realized that you don’t have to type the entire title in order! You can guess letters if you don’t know the answer, which may lead you to remember what movie the object is from. It’s surprising how [...]