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Quantum Physics Experiment Shows Light Behaving as a Wave and a Particle Simultaneously

Damn you, quantum physics! Just as we got used to the mind-boggling fact that light can act as either a wave OR as a particle, a new quantum physics experiment has shown that it [...]

Scientists teleport photons over 97 km

Chinese physicists have managed to teleport photons over 97km using quantum entanglement. The achievement is a significant step towards an ultra-secur…

Quantum Physicists Create Light Out of Nothing

Someone told you that you can’t create something out of nothing? Why, sure you can! At least in the quirky world of quantum physics. Physicists have created light out of nothing by simulating moving a mirror [...]

Light Created in Vacuum

They say that something can’t be created out of nothing, but that’s what researchers may have done- sort of. Quantum theory states that even in a vacuum some particles do exist. Testing this, scientists in Sweden claim to have made sparks in a vacuum.   According to quantum theory, empty space is, well, not that empty after [...]

Keep Your Eyes on the Ball! (Funny Pics)

“QUANTUM SHOT” #693Link – by Avi Abrams Don’t drop that ball! Whatever it takes, YOU HAVE TO CATCH IT! Looking at these faces, you’d think that the Whole Fate of the Universe depends on whether they catch the ball, or not. But then again, maybe the world does depend on some weird eventuality like that. Maybe all [...]

Quantum Physics Shell Game

What do you get when quantum physicists learn to play a con game? A paper in Nature Physics, of course! We won’t pretend to understand a word in this report at Physorg, but we hope it will one day bring on a quantum super computer so we can play Angry Bird really, really fast. According to [...]

Time Travel Through Quantum Entanglement

If you think you’ve got a firm grasp on reality, obviously you’re not a quantum physicist. Recently, a new study by physicists in Australia revealed that quantum entanglement – a puzzling quantum physics phenomenon that Einstein himself called “spooky action at a distance” – also exists in respect to time. I’ll skip the technical explanation (not [...]

World’s First Quantum Machine

The tiny sliver of metal above, measuring as long as the human hair is wide, may be barely visible to the naked eye, but its implication to science is so staggering that it is hailed as the greatest scientific breakthrough of 2010. Behold, the world’s first quantum machine: It’s not much to look at. In fact, you [...]

A Brand New Form of Matter?

Just when you think that things can’t get any weirder, quantum physics threw us (yet another) curve ball: there may be a brand new form of matter governed by an entirely new branch of physics. Back in 1970, a young physicist working in the Soviet Union made a counterintutive prediction. Vitaly Efimov, now at the University [...]

Cat Tunneling

by Frederick B. Reitz, Ph.C. University of Washington Seattle, Washington Illustrations by Marian Parry I report here the first evidence that domestic cats exhibit quantum tunneling. Subatomic particles can make seemingly impossible, instantaneous “jumps” from one place to another. This has been known in theory for well over half a century. Numerous examples of it have been observed and [...]