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On Space Time Foam

Argentinian artist Tomas Saraceno was inspired by the spacetime foam theory of quantum mechanics to create his artwork On Space Time Foam, which lets participants walk on a giant floating structure of clear plastic. It looks like a lot of fun! Link [...]

The Origin of Quantum Mechanics

(YouTube link) The folks at minute physics devotes over four minutes to quantum mechanics, but that’s still a concise overview. And those minutes go by quickly as mathematical physicist Neil Turok uses simple but fascinating analogies to make his points. -via Viral Viral Videos

Our 12 Most Popular Math & Science T-Shirts (Plus a Big Sale!)

Our Pi Approximation T-shirt sale ends tonight, so hurry to our store to pick up any of our great T-shirts for only $14.99 each! Need some help deciding which shirt to get? Here are our 12 most popular math and science T-shirts: 1. I’m No Rocket Surgeon 2. Pluto: Revolve in Peace 3. Heavy Metals 4. There’s No Right Way [...]

Quantum Physicists Create Light Out of Nothing

Someone told you that you can’t create something out of nothing? Why, sure you can! At least in the quirky world of quantum physics. Physicists have created light out of nothing by simulating moving a mirror [...]

Replacing the Kilogram

The official standard for the kilogram is a cylinder of platinum and iridium made in 1879 and kept in a vault in France. Scientists have made official copies and distributed them since that time, but many of those copies don’t equal each other in mass, and the original is undergoing decay. So now researchers are [...]

Dirac Notation Bookends

Lenore over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories blog created this bra-ket bookends perfect for your quantum mechanics textbooks. Dirac would’ve been proud though Heisenberg would’ve warned about the uncertainty of having objects heavier than books that may fall out of the shelf. Link – via Make

Say Hello to the Electron Cloud

Scientists at the Kharkov Institute for Physics and Technology in Ukraine have achieved what seemed to be a dauntingly impossible task: they’ve managed to take an image of a single carbon atom’s electron cloud: This is the first time scientists have been able to see an atom’s internal structure directly. Since the early 1980s, researchers have [...]