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Trapped permafrost gases could be released

Large quantities of greenhouse gases could be released in to the atmosphere over the next century. It is believed that as much as 850 billion tons of …

Two Years of Tiny Knitting

Anna Hrachovec knits a lot, but always in little quantities as you can tell from the pictures of her projects above. At one point, she challenged herself to make one tiny knitted project per week and since that point, she’s stayed on the schedule for two years straight. Over at Craftzine, you can read a [...]

Rare minerals locked up under the sea

Vast quantities of rare minerals have been discovered beneath the sea, but how do we get to them ? Scientists at the University of Tokyo have announce…

Bank robber hypnotized tellers

In a bizarre series of robberies in southern Russia a women has been reportedly hypnotizing bank tellers in to handing over large quantities of mo…

Fisticup: Coffee Mug with Brass Knuckle Handle

Fisticup – $14.95 For many of us, mornings are rough. If so, fight back with a strong cup of coffee and a coffee mug that’s tough enough to carry you through the day. Behold, the Fisticup. Strangely, this will work well as a Christmas gift because nothing says “I Love You, Dad” like a coffee mug [...]