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Norman Rockwell’s Star Wars

James Hance is a machine that manufactures awesomeness. He does so in both high quality and massive quantity. He does so by making many mashups of Star Wars, often pairing the science fiction franchise with Winnie the Pooh. But recently, he recreated a classic Norman Rockwell illustration called “Boy and Girl Gazing at the Moon.” Wait…shouldn’t [...]

These Retro Cosplay Pics Are Gnarly To The Max

Back in the good old days of convention cosplay, before the overuse of silicone and foam latex made for fierce competition and bare skin became an acceptable substitute for creativity, people had simpler tastes in costuming, and anime had yet to become the darling of the convention floors. Now, that’s not to say that these costumes [...]

Amazing Stereoscopic Spider Man Street Art

This is the most amazing street art I’ve ever seen, not only because it’s so well drawn but also because it has a stereoscopic quality to it that makes the buildings appear to be of dizzying heights, which threatens to give me a headache but is otherwise amazing. Created by artist Kurt Wenner, this massive [...]

The Science of Slogans

What makes a good advertising slogan? The Atlantic looks at how some slogans stay with us for decades while others flounder. It’s not always a matter of crowing about the quality of the product. In the 1980s, British Rail tried to convince potential passengers that they were making significant improvements to their service with the slogan, [...]

Erupting Volcano Surrounded by Lightning

I’d expect to see the image above if I were watching, say, Transformers 4, and I would remark on its unrealistic quality. Red skies with burning lightening and a massive volcanic plume? Please. But the scene near Puyehue volcano in southern Chile played out exactly like this Monday afternoon; 3500 residents were evacuated following earthquakes and [...]

Rules for Playing Golf During an Air Raid

Italian journalist Luigi Barzini once said that imperturbability was the quintessential British quality. They certainly wouldn’t let German air raids disrupt a good round of golf. Just make a few changes to the rules, keep calm, and carry on. Link via Ace of Spades HQ

Interactive World Maps of Scientific Citations

Lutz Bornmann and Loet Leydesdorff created interactive world maps which denote the locations from which scientific papers were authored. Green dots represent higher quality research and red dots signify lower quality research. There are three maps, one each for physics, chemistry, and psychology: The idea is simple enough – scientific papers cite other scientific papers and [...]

Researchers design "faux trees"

To help solve the problem of poor air quality in big cities researchers have developed artificial trees. A team at the Lenfest Center for Sustainable…

Interview with’s Benjamin Higginbotham

One of my favorite sites is, a podcast hosted by husband and wife team, Cariann Higginbotham and Benjamin Higginbotham. Their goal? To take space to the masses. We were lucky to get a nice interview with Benjamin, who also went out of his way (upon request) to make this little video, a behind the [...]

The Phone Book Sculptures of Alex Queral

Philadelphia-based artist Alex Queral carves the faces of celebrities into phone books, then coats the results with acrylic: For me, the human head was a natural choice of subject matter because of its inherent expressiveness. I carve the faces out of phone books because I like the three-dimensional quality that results and because of the unexpected [...]